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Quaedam Heracliti fragmenta faciliora [Some easier fragments of Heraclitus]

[Admittedly, this piece is probably not for everyone, but you’re in my world now and I am the decider as to what shows up on this blog and what does not.  So, if you are interested in ancient philosophy – … Continue reading

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老虎                                                                                                                                         laohu FILM REVIEW BLACK ROBE DANCES WITH WOLVES A couple of … Continue reading

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Surfing with Odysseus

老虎                laohu In the first book of the Iliad, you will recall, Achilles is up against it.  To help him, Hera sent Athena, who came down from heaven (194-5: … ἦλθε δ’ Ἀθήνη / οὐρανόθεν …), appearing to him alone … Continue reading

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Suing the Latin Way

老虎 laohu si arbor ex vicini fundo vento inclinata in tuum fundum sit [ex lege xii tabularum] de adimenda ea … agere potes. If the wind has made a tree fall over onto your property from your neighbor’s property, according … Continue reading

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老虎 laohu Year: Genre: Director: Cinematography: Editor: Producer: Music: Running Time: 1979 Drama / Comedy Hal Ashby Caleb Deschanel Don Zimmerman Andrew Braunsberg Johnny Mandel 130 minutes Major Actors: Peter Sellers Shirley MacLaine Melvyn Douglas Jack Warden Richard A. Dysart … Continue reading

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老虎    laohu YEAR:   1985 GENRE:   Detective DIRECTOR:   Michael Cimino CINEMATOGRAPHER:   Alex Thomson EDITOR:   Francoise Bonnot MUSIC:   David Mansfield SCREENPLAY:   Michael Cimino Oliver Stone Robert Daley (novelist) MAJOR ACTORS: Mickey Rourke   –   Stanley White Caroline Kava   –   Connie White Ariane   –   … Continue reading

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Why More Foreign Aid to Africa?

老虎    laohu POSTED on Saturday 25 June 2011 with alterations from the original WRITTEN in 1995 When in early 2005 Tony Blair suggested 1 that more aid should be given to Africa, there had already been much talk the previous … Continue reading

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