OBITER PICTUM 3 – Butterfly

A desideratum of mine is the ability to do ‘scientific illustration’ – medical, botanical, biological.
I’ll never attain the mastery I strive for,
but I do enjoy very much fooling around in the area – witness this pretty thing:

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3 Responses to OBITER PICTUM 3 – Butterfly

  1. heather says:

    Beautiful Jack!

    Wish I were so talented!

  2. Don Baldwin says:

    Some of the most beautiful scientific / medical illustrations are from the microscope. e.g. Stained blood cells, red blood cells with the variety of malarial diseases and their life cycle stages. That just for a beginning. For instruction they are far better than photographs. (In my opinion.) I could go on and on as I loved doing microscopic drawings even though I wasn’t very good at it. My drawing were always better than my photographs.
    PS I love your butterfly!

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