LANGUAGE OLIO 1: Introduction


In continuing my little notes on LANGUAGE, in what follows I do not mean to be mean, nor irritatingly pedantic, but just to enjoy myself and perhaps, in the process of my own amusement, amuse – and, I hope, even enlighten – also you the reader.  It’s just that I observe this and that in my daily meanderings through the print media, and an academic habit over a lifetime of the close reading of texts makes even material that is not meant for close reading pop out at me when it is less than felicitous.

I think of this process as one of ‘chunking’ – I write in little ‘chunks’ of material and even within one of these chunks I chunk – that is, I go about my writing by often doing it in chunks, coming back to it and doing some rethinking and revising, some adding, some subtracting, some ludic interludes with the language, …

So, look in the LANGUAGE category from time to time for some peripatetic chunks of chunking.  For example, try LANGUAGE OLIO 1: Our are



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