MOI 1 – Introduction

We all like – no, love – to talk about ourselves, and what better venue for such shameless ostentation than a personal blog?

Autobiographical inputs may well toy with veracity for a variety of purposes, calculated as well as inadvertent.  Thus, in the following obiter entries under the gloriously self-effacing title MOI [a biography of] I limn aspects of myself which, if not always presented with the veridical accuracy demanded in a court of law, do in fact exploit some actual life experience – however remote in time and distant from reality — that serves as springboard for further elaboration by my rank imagination and the ludic fertility of my alarmingly fluent typing.  So, do not look for the execution of some tiresome imperative to the effect that these entries be temporally or even thematically sequential – they just are!

In the Alice-like expanding universe of MOI, then, the truth is in effect simply what I say it is, and this liberating luxury that one rarely if ever would permit oneself under other circumstances here allows me guiltlessly to tread a fluid, stochastic liminality between fact and fiction.

So, now fully understanding what I am all about, please enjoy my cumulating BIO, whose first installment will go up in the next day or two.

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4 Responses to MOI 1 – Introduction

  1. now this is interesting………..

  2. Don Baldwin says:

    Just cannot wait!

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