Editorial Cartoon – Social Insecurity?

Today there is increasingly alarmed public discussion about how the funding of social security will squeeze the country dry, and my strangling octopus below struck me as a nifty visual metaphor for all the hysteria – and reality.  Unfortunately, as the politicians today are themselves no longer lying about this problem, it seems to mean that the funds stolen from the government ‘trust fund’ for social security by the government for making deficits seem smaller than they really are will have to be replaced by setting a higher starting age for people to collect, by larger paycheck deductions, by smaller payouts, and probably by all kinds of other shifty fiscal and financial shenanigans.

Personally, I think the octopus has it right!


(The Latin text is lifted from a poem [Saturae 6.347-8] by an ancient Roman poet
named Juvenal (c. 55 – c. 138 C.E.), and Custodes Quis Custodiet translates as
“Who will guard the guardians?”)

You go figure it out!

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One Response to Editorial Cartoon – Social Insecurity?

  1. heather says:

    VERY well done!

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