Hand and Orange

Several things are at work in “Hand and Orange”, both in terms of color and execution.

Orange and blue are complementaries, and juxtaposing them helps to make each pop out, so to speak (pay attention next time you see a movie and you’ll probably see at least one scene in which someone is dressed in some kind of blue and set off against an orangey background, or vice versa!).

The orange in the hand contrasts in fact more with the blue ‘wall’ than it does with the orangey hand.  I think the orange itself is excellent, and it even looks edible!

Now, probably the hardest thing of all to draw and paint is the human hand, even if you have excellent photographic references or just do a rip-off from some other artist.  I labored long and hard over the hand in this painting, which was based on a photo I’d taken of a friend holding the fruit in her hand, and I ended up being pretty satisfied.

But not entirely.  The index finger is supposed to be pointing at almost a right angle to the viewer, and hence the foreshortened nail.  But I’m not sure that it doesn’t look like a very short nail on a finger that is parallel to the viewing plane!

Anyway, enjoy!

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2 Responses to Hand and Orange

  1. Did you do this, Jack?

  2. Helga says:

    I like the composition, the fingers encircling the orange and the partly separated orange peel encircling the essential fruit. Looking longer at the color combination of blue and orange brings the painting to life. Thanks for pointing this out.
    The prominence of the other polished fingernails draws attention to that feature on the index finger. The smaller nail makes it seem as if the tip of the finger was damaged. Perhaps sometimes perspective has to be a little sacrificed?

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