Six Colored Balloons

Here is some more from my experiments in airbrush technique (which I feel I never really

did master and sort of dropped).  But these balloons are huggable (I

think!), and I’m sure you’ll appreciate my ‘intellectualization’ of

colors here.  Right?  If not, check below the art work –

which you should first enjoy at your leisure. After

all, before we go at art mentally we should

simply soak it up on a deeply, precog-

nitive emotional level.  It has to

grab us!


The diagonal of balloons from lower left to upper right are of course done in primary colors: blue, yellow, red.  What about the smaller outliers?  Green, orange, brown.  Well, green is the complementary of red, orange of blue, and brown of … say what?

In harmony with the color theme here we would expect yellow’s complementary, namely violet.  So why is the remaining color brown?  This is the thematic imperfection that makes my little ‘joke’ perfect – thus there is no perfect symmetry here, because if there were, it would be tedious and tiresome.

It is the slight asymmetry, the minor imperfection of my color game that, like the slight imperfection (e.g., the tiny mole, the one slightly fuller eyebrow, a tooth not perfectly straight) in the beautiful face of a beautiful woman, that accentuates the deep pleasure of looking (absit ‘lookism’!) at such beauty.

So, since brown is in the terms of chromatic theory a tertiary color (one made up of a primary plus its complementary), here I think of it as a mix of primary red and its complementary green – the two balloons at the top!  So, I guess even the imperfection has a kind of comprehensible perfectibility to it.

Just a minimal understanding of how colors ‘work’ will enhance enormously your viewing of art — any art (not least modern abstract art, which loves to mess with your head in this way!) — of people’s clothing, of color schemes in buildings and industrial establishments, of your quotidian ambient world filled with all the things large and small, inanimate and animate that on a daily basis you see but never see.

Take a minute to study these charts of complementary and split complementary colors – and then go out into your world and see with your mind as much as with your heart!

Now,  imagine that – you thought these were just six balloons mindless and haphazardly colored!

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One Response to Six Colored Balloons

  1. heather says:

    wow! lots of talent in your family.

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