Lemon Triad

When I was doing a lot of still lifes lemons for some reason
quite fascinated me.  Though I never really could
paint lemons exactly the way I saw them
in my mind’s eye, the composition
of this oil is almost perfect –
except for the peel,
which of
speaks to
the ultimate death
of all fruit and all things, and
the final deliquescence of all living
things – and that includes both you and me.
For a more ‘humanized’ version of the same notion,
you could probably do a lot worse than checking out this one.

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2 Responses to Lemon Triad

  1. heather says:

    I can taste the lemons.

  2. Stephanus Clark says:

    The trenchant announcement last week by Komen that it was cutting grants to Planned Parenthood may be responsible for my reading of the Lemon Triad’s semantic representation. The natural “deliquescence” of all things is unnaturally uglified by the charity’s cynical political decision, an opprobrium that will not be forgotten even after efforts to efface it. In and out of this context, I’m a fan of breasts.

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