Editorial Cartoon – Apartheid

of these
editorial cartoons
are done with blank ink
on paper, but equally if not more
common today is the use of black grease
pencil – akin to a black crayola – on a white
surface;  sometimes this surface will be slightly grainy
so as to catch the pigment from the ‘pencil’ in a certain way.
That kind of intensity makes the drawing reproduce well on newsprint.
The cartoon below is a good example of this kind of technique.  During
the eighties apartheid in South Africa was under the brutal grip of a
particularly nasty piece of work named Vorster, and I thought
the wrench was a suitable image for the way he was
“tightening the grip” on an unfixable policy whose
broken idea was soon to go the way of all
despotisms. Even today (2012) you
could substitute any number of
‘leaders’ as holding any
number of countries
in such vise-like
grips of the

Sic semper tyrannis!


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