STORY: Introduction to a novel

A while back I finally got one of the many (7, 8. ?) novels I’ve written over the years published — in Sweden: Revenge should Have No Bounds.  It never ‘went’ anywhere, and my fabulous dreams of fabled wealth as an author evaporated.  But I still think it’s a pretty good mystery/thriller.

Since I own the copyright, I decided to publish it here on this blog in small increments (remember the format of the Sultan of Java 1, 2, 3, and 4 [which were in fact extracts from this novel]?).  As with those four previous excerpts, at the end of each chapter I will do a complete posting of the entire chapter.

You are free to download the units if you wish, for your own personal use only, but you are expressly cautioned against publishing or distributing any portions of it for any kind of commercial ends.  And even if you just want to pass it on to a friend, the only way you can do so legitimately is by simply giving her the address to my blog ( or to this introduction.  If you have any questions along these lines, you can always email me at (and to avoid getting ‘trashcan-ed’, put REVENGE QUERY in the header line).

Please accommodate me on this.

It should be clear that this is a work of fiction.  With the exception of a few peripheral references to the real world (e.g., Indonesian politics, a defendant in a celebrated Los Angeles trial of the mid-nineties), all the characters in this work are figments of my own imagination. Any similarities or resemblances to names, characterizations or lives of real people are entirely fortuitous and coincidental.

Since there is violence in the course of this story, as well as a fair amount of sexually explicit material, if you are under eighteen, if you think you might be offended by such writing, or if you live in a community that prohibits such matter, you must immediately exit this posting and not attempt to read the novel.

From here — fully informed of the nature of what follows – you proceed by conscious choice and at your own risk to the first installment.

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