More Misha

She is certainly beautiful enough to warrant yet one more appearance here.
And unlike my confused friend the ichthyological schlemiel of a few
days ago, Misha knows exactly where she stands, but she is not
happy about it.  What makes her so thoughtful?  Is it the
sad relief at dumping the boyfriend with the lapdog
loyalty that was driving her crazy?  or a failure
to attract that sharp looker in her Latin
class who never seems to notice
her? or is it after all maybe
the … – well, you look
at her and make
up your own

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2 Responses to More Misha

  1. heather says:

    a beautiful woman beautifully painted!

  2. brasshandle says:

    Her eves show beauty, as if she were looking into her soul and not the reality around her
    Her eyes tell many stories and stores as many memories

    Appear distant yet draws you in
    Appears unseeing,but open to a world of great expectations, something yet to come

    Or Is thisa picture of sadness with dark vacant orbs akin to a black vortex
    Or perhaps there is a look of self satisfaction with room for no one and yet everyone
    Avoid looking to deeply within them because within them may be a mirror of youself!

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