Gnomicon 012

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Gnomicon  012
Sunday 11 Mar 2012

Never too old,
never too bad,
never too late,
never too sick
to start from scratch once again.
Bikram Choudhury
(10 Feb 1946 -)

This little kōan sort of generalizes the specifically amatory applicability of yesterday’s gnomicon (011) to a more catholic universe.

From preverbal infancy on up we are told endlessly that, no, you can’t do that!  And sometimes – perhaps even most of the time — it is excellent advice.  But I wonder:  do we then sometimes at some level internalize this negativizing of personal potentials and possibilities over and against an incorporation into our mental-emotional apparatus of a more affirmative sense of empowerment that urges, yes, you can do that – no matter that the rest of the world mocks (= envies?) you.

Again, in a more restricted amatory context, George Gershwin (26 Sep 1898 – 11 Jul 1937) really did get this one right on with his classic, “They all laughed at Christopher Columbus … They laughed at me wanting you … Who’s got the last laugh now?”  And Ella and Satchmo sang it like nobody else ever did or ever will – not even my guy, Old Blue Eyes!

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In connection with yesterday’s gnomicon (011), check out this item that came to my attention later in the day!

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One Response to Gnomicon 012

  1. heather says:

    this one is great! a real motivator!

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