Gnomicon 018

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Gnomicon 018
Saturday 17 March 2012

Chat échaudé craint l’eau froide.
A scalded cat is afraid of cold water.
Adrien de Monluc  (1571 – 1646)
[French comedic playwright]

     You touch a stove and you burn your finger.  A burner that is ‘on’ looks no different from a burner that is ‘off’.  But the one you touched was on.  It hurt – maybe you even got a blister.  Do you think you will touch that burner again – even if you are assured that it is definitely ‘off’?  You might have second thoughts … like that French chat from half a millennium ago.  After all, how could the poor creature have distinguished between very hot water and very cold water without lapping it – and maybe getting hurt again?
Make no assumptions … about anything!


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