Gnomicon 019

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Gnomicon  019
Sunday 18 March 2012

Sånn er det bare.
“That’s just the way it is.”
Popular expression (contemporary)

This is pretty much a Norwegian version of our Buddhist kōan, ‘It is what it is!”

It was also the name of a satirical TV program in the nineties that mocked the doings of the day, a Saturday-Night-Live kind of gig.  And it is/was also the name of more than one Norwegian blog (this one rather inactive of late).  Googling the phrase actually brings up a lot of stuff, and if norvegica are your thing, feel free!

I just thought it was a succinct bit of phrasing, so there it is.  Everything doesn’t have to have high importance, does it?  Even the nugatory may appeal from time to time!


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