Gnomicon 026

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Gnomicon  026
Sunday 25 Mar 2012

I’m not handsome in the classical sense. The eyes droop, the mouth is crooked,
the teeth aren’t straight, the voice sounds like a Mafioso pallbearer,
but somehow it all works.
Sylvester Stallone (6 July 1946 – )

Yes, that face works like a charm, no?

Deconstruct any whole into its many constituent parts and that unity may indeed appear to be a composition of many deficient, deformed parts.  To compare the macro Sly with a myrmecological micro, how attractive can – for example – an ant be:  two creepy antennae, tripartite somatic articulation, hexapodous attachments, uncountable nano-setae …  .

But consider the utter marvel of that whole’s functional machinery not only at the visible realm but deep, deep down into the molecular organization that makes if what it is, and one cannot help – in my view – but be beyond astonished that such a vast array of individually ugly or uninteresting parts can be tinkered together into an ant.

Or pick your own examples.

Stallone had it right:  look beyond any one aspect of any entity or any person and you will see its Platonic essence, its reality – no one of its parts can possibly capture any essentialism about any complexity around us, animate or inanimate.

First integrate the observable atypical parts inhering in a whole, then categorize the synergized resultant.  Only then evaluate, judge, decide.

Just my opinion, of course …

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2 Responses to Gnomicon 026

  1. and then there is something that really has a tremendous impact on attractiveness – how someone behaves!

  2. bookmarkbuzz says:

    So true! Heather adds an interesting aspect that is true for man as well as ants!

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