Gnomicon 029

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Gnomicon  029
W 28 Mar 2012

I was sad and angry, for I had no socks and shoes.
Then I met a man who had no feet.
Persian (?) Proverb

Feeling sorry for your miserable self, riding the deep blues, wallowing in the pathetic ‘poor me-s’ – it doesn’t matter what you call it, there’s an appallingly ungrateful son-of-a-bitch tyrannizing your interior geography and effing up your entire landscape just because the universe isn’t immediately accommodating itself exactly to the way you planned it all out or wanted and want it to be.


Grow up!

Remember this:  there is always, always, and everywhere, everywhere, some poor wretch who is much worse off than you.  Did you sleep under a bridge last night?  did you go without dinner last night and breakfast this morning? did psychopathic militias representing the ‘real’ government or doing the supremely important work of ‘god’ rake your neighborhood this morning with uzis and bazookas?  And even if all of that is the case, did roving gangs in military garb commandeer that space of yours under the bridge, rape you or yours, chop off a hand or an arm?

Get the picture?

Stop whining because you don’t have shoes or socks.

Just keep walking on your two feet.


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  1. keep ’em comin’ Jack!

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