Gnomicon 033

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Gnomicon  033
M 2 Apr 2012

To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god.
Jorge Luis Borges
(24 Aug 1899 – 14 Jun 1986)

The ancient Roman poet Ovid spoke of the perfidy at the heart of love (as in his Amores, for example, or his Heroides), whether man’s for woman or woman’s for man; the Argentinian surrealist analogizes – if I understand him correctly – by confecting out of the cathected object of desire an inevitable certainty that unending turbulence is fated to follow.  Thus, predictably, always with any idealized flawlessness!  The cruel puella divina (‘the divine girl’), reigning as supreme ‘goddess’ in the ancient lover’s erotic pantheon, is nothing if not a whimsical, contradictory, maddening deity.

Yet I recently read somewhere about a woman who, when asked some year or two after her husband of many years had died what she most longed for, is reported – even at her advanced age –  to have said, “I want to fall in love again.”  Cf. here!

I believe I understand – and I applaud — the feeling, fraught and freighted though it be with the possibly heavy onus of Borges’ quite credible fallibility.


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