Revenge Should Have No Bounds 055

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Revenge Should Have No Bounds  055
Chapter 13 (7 of 7): The Hooker

“I have no idea.  I mean, we really have been careful.  That’s the truth, Bob.  Sometimes we meet here, at La Ville.  We’ve also used the The Griffin Group and the Momiji.”

“And in what name do you make the reservation?”

“Mazarine always takes care of that.”

Bob grunted.

“People don’t recognize you?”

“It’s usually pretty late at night or early in the morning?”

Bob gave that some reflection.

“Well, we just want to make sure here, don’t we?”

“What?  What are you going to do?  How are you going to keep her quiet?”  There was an edge to Roy’s voice.

Good, Bob thought.

“Now, Roy, don’t get all worked up.  All we’re going to do is try to buy some silence from her.  I hope you don’t imagine I’m thinking rough stuff!”

“All right,” he said, mollified.  “That’s absolutely out of the question.  I mean it, Bob.”

Bob waved his hand vaguely.  “So do I, Roy.

“Now, Michelle has a high opinion of this woman and doesn’t believe there are going any problems with her.  She’s a pro.”

Roy winced.

“So, how involved are you with Mazarine?”

Roy would not look Bob in the eye.

“I … I like her a lot, Bob.”

“Like her?  Love her?  What are we talking about here, Roy?”

“I guess I kind of love her, Bob.  She does things for me, with me, things … things Caitlin won’t do …”

“I don’t need or want details, Roy.  All I want to tell you it stops right now.”



Roy was shaking his head.

“I don’t know …”

“… if you want to be reelected mayor and, in a few years, senator?”

The mayor twisted his hands and let out a theatrical sigh.

These sex things, Bob thought, were worst for the political romantics like Roy.  In their heads it usually turned into The Great Novel of their lives.  Or Film.  Why couldn’t he just see if for the straight-forward simple fuck it was and not complicate it with mushy illusions about love?  Well, that’s why he was a romantic, wasn’t it?

“You know I’m right on this one, don’t you?”

“I know.”  Roy sighed again.  “It’s going to be tough.”

“That’s what campaigning is all about.  Hey, what do you think Gary Hart is up to these days?”

Roy shrugged his shoulders and flipped his hand open in a gesture of resigned disappointment.

“O.K., Bob.  I get the point.”

“I hope you do, my friend.  At this stage we can manage this thing, but if you feed the flame all bets are off.  Do we understand each other?”

Unblinking, he held Roy’s gaze until Roy looked away.  “Yes, we do.”

He drank down the last of the Pepsi.  “Hey, Bob,” he said after a minute, “you’re not going to tell my sister about this, are you?”

“I’m not going to say anything, Roy, but I imagine Rae’s probably figured out something that’s not all that far from the truth.”

“I suppose you’re right,” he said glumly.

“O.K.  We’re done flogging this horse, Roy.  We both know where we stand.”

He rose and walked over to the bar.  “Get you anything, Mr. Mayor?”

Roy shook his head.  “No, I should probably be getting to bed.  It’s been a rough day.”

Bob came back with his drink and sat down again.

“How am I going to get the word to Mazarine?” Roy suddenly asked.

“What word?”

“That I can’t see her any longer?”

Bob mentally shook his head.  For a smart guy, his candidate was really pretty dumb!

“Think about it, Roy.  Was she the one who used to call you and set up meetings?”

“Well, no.”

“So, you just don’t call Aspasia’s for another date.  Right?”

“But she might wonder …”

“For her it’s all about money, Roy.  Money!  She’s a whore. She …”

“Come on, Bob,” Roy interrupted.  “That’s a harsh word.”

“For a harsh reality.  She’s not in love with you, Roy.  She’s not going to be sitting up at night waiting for you to call.  I mean, you do understand that, don’t you?”  Now Bob feigned worried expression.

“But I think she might have feelings … might love me too.”

And this guy was the mayor?

He’d obviously spent too many years with all kinds of whores sucking up to him and it must have affected his judgment.  Bob put his drink on the table and sat forward in his seat.

“No, she doesn’t.  She does not love you! That’s part of the illusion you buy when you hire her.  She doesn’t love you, Roy.”

The mayor said nothing, but Bob could tell he was deeply upset.


This Mazarine must really be some artist.

While he was pondering what to say next, his cell chirped.

“Excuse me a minute, Roy.  I think I know who that is.”  He smiled heartily.  “Michelle.”

Roy perked up.


Bob listened, interjecting a ‘yes’ or ‘I see’ here and there.  “That’s certainly interesting,” he said finally.  “What do we know about her?”  He switched the phone to his other ear.  “Thanks much, Michelle.  That’s very helpful indeed.  I’ll make sure the right people learn of your cooperation on this one, Michelle.  I assure you, we all appreciate it.”  Bob’s face turned towards the ceiling and scanned the tesselated design.  “All right.  And thanks again.  Talk to you soon.”

He clicked off.

“Anything?” Roy asked eagerly.

Bob took his time before answering.  “Yes, I think so.  It’s possible we’re on to the leak.”

“The leak.”

“Yes, the leak. You’re sure Mazarine isn’t the source.  O.K., I’ll buy that for the moment.  Still, the inescapable fact is that somebody told that reporter about Michelle.  Maybe about Aspasia’s and Mazarine, too.  We have to put a lid on it.”

“What did Michelle tell you?”

“Turns out that about the time you started seeing Mazarine she had another new client.  Someone she saw only once.  And according to Michelle, that’s never happened with Mazarine.  She’s a very popular girl.”  A pained expression clouded Roy’s face.  “Sorry, Roy, but it’s like I told you.  The woman’s a pro and she’s not in it for love.  With you or anyone else.  But she is picky.  Apparently with her rep she can afford to be.

“Anyway, the only time a client stops seeing Mazarine is when he dies or decides he doesn’t need … her escort service any longer.”


“And this other new client she saw only once, back in August, just wanted to talk.  Imagine that, paying all that money just to talk.  A shrink would be cheaper.”

“Michelle told you this?”

“Just now.  Mazarine thought it was so strange she actually mentioned it to Michelle.  Neither one of them could figure it out.”

“Do we know who the guy was?”

“It wasn’t a guy, Roy.  It was a woman.  A Japanese women named Yukiko.”


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