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Gnomicon  045
S 14 Apr 2012

If Botticelli were alive today he’d be working for Vogue.
Peter Ustinov (16 Apr 1921 – 28 Mar 2004)

This one long ago caught my eye.

Ustinov was in my view one of the great actors of his generation, whatever the rôle he inhabited – Nero in Quo Vadis (1951) or Poirot in Evil Under the Sun (1982) [a wonderful movie, by the way!]

I just last night ordered Vogue: The Covers (2011) by Dodie Kazanjian from Amazon-dot-com (here), a book advertised to have some 300 of the best Vogue covers since the first issue was published on 17 December 1892!

Now, it is no big news that I love photographs and art work of beautiful women, and few photographic collections of same are finer than those in Vogue – indeed, so fond am I of such material that – for the record – I also ordered the similarly themed Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits (2011) by Bailey-Gan-Hummer, another of those luscious Abrams photo/art books, from the same seller (here).

It’s not that I necessarily believe there is great gnomic wisdom in the Ustinov quote for living one’s life, but sometimes it’s pleasant to go light and just appreciate that, surely, nor is woman’s pulchritude any great hindrance to living one’s life to the full!  And if you look at some Botticelli women, you’ll know what Ustinov so pointedly was getting at!  Personally, I might also happily have added some of those serene and classy dames Ingres was so fond of.

So very many beautiful women … so very little time …


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