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Gnomicon  047
M 16 Apr 2012

No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right;
a single experiment can prove me wrong.
Albert Einstein (14 Mar 1879 – 18 Apr 1955)

The statement has the faint ring of a kōan – a kind of paradox worthy of one’s contemplation not so much through pure reason as with a kind of meld of reason and untrammeled intuition:  at least so I understand the term.

Let’s think about this.

Error – temporally and spatially locatable — is verifiable; certainty, or accuracy (if I may posit either or both as validly antonymous) is not, for the ‘rightness’ of any theory or belief is demonstrable only for those places and times when and where they are put to the test.  What about tomorrow?  next year? elsewhere?

Of course, this does not mean that you would be necessarily wrong about matters in any given situation – it just can’t be proved for a universalizing space and time.  Unlike error:  error stares you irrefutably in the face, right then and there!

My personal view is that while laws of nature (e.g., gravity, repulsion of one negative charge by another, planetary motions, etc.) do timelessly obtain, our strictly personal universes are almost frighteningly indeterminate, unpredictable, random.  No amount of investigating or wishing or hoping can guarantee for all time and space the correctness of anything.

One must live with the acceptance of the fact that Einstein was right in this observation – as in so many other areas – and that uncertainty is perhaps the only certainty in the aleatory environs of our personal universes.

Well, it’s just an opinion …


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