Revenge Should Have No Bounds 068

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Revenge Should Have No Bounds  068
Chapter 15 (5 of 11): Lovers

At last Yukiko calms down and the two of them walk out of the coffee house arm in arm and head towards the Momiji.  In room 1965 they undress and, lying down on the cool sheets, just hold each other close.  They drop off into sleep, and when they awaken three hours later the incident is in the past and they never speak of it again.  But Mazarine is disturbed and cannot ignore the fact of this little fissure in their happiness.

As the fall wore on, Mazarine saw some of her important regulars, among whom was the mayor of the city, Roy Rany.

“Michelle tells me you’re cutting back,” the mayor said after one of their assignations at The Griffin Group.

“Just taking it easy for a while,” she smiled back at him and caressed his cheek.

It was the second Saturday in November and they were sitting on the bed in post-coital lassitude chatting about the city, people, their lives.  Mazarine had been seeing Roy for probably five years now, and she had always liked him as a person.  For a politician, there was something engagingly ingenuous about him, a kind of little-boy quality, an earnestness.  At least that was how he came across to her in bed, and she allowed that he might be a different animal as a politician in full operational mode. But that was a side of him she did not see nor was it one that she, only peripherally interested in politics, sought to explore.

“Well,” he laughed, “I’m glad you’re willing to see me.  Though I don’t know how much longer it can go on.”

“Oh?”  Long experience with the mayor had taught her this was sufficient prompting to get him to talk.  He loved to talk.

“I think my wife is getting suspicious.  And I know Bob Abernathy, my campaign manager, is suspicious.  Maybe he even knows.  Not much gets by him.  And he doesn’t like it.  He’s been on my case about this.  You know, I’ll be running for office again next year, and I can’t have any kind of scandal.  I’m a law-and-order and family-values kind of politician.”

He said this without any hint of irony, which is exactly what Mazarine meant by his boyish naïveté.  He knew that what he was doing was risky, yet he couldn’t seem to stay away from Mazarine – who wondered how many other Mazarines there might be in his busy and not always transparent life.

“I like you a lot, Roy,” she said.  “You know that.  I think you’re a sweet guy, a swell guy.  But I understand your position.”  She had the feeling he wanted her to advise him on a course of action.  “You have to do what you have to do, Roy.”

He sighed and let his shoulders slump.  His hand was resting on her thigh and he gave her a squeeze.  “Yeah, but it isn’t easy.”  A man shouldering the burdens of the world!  Yes, Mazarine thought, I like this guy all right, but I don’t understand him.  Or a lot of the other men who sought with her the fulfillment of fantasy and the validation of illusion.

She rubbed his shoulders and got up from the bed.  “I’m going to take a quick shower, and then I have to be off.”

“Right,” he said glumly, brooding about the unfairness of things.  “See you again next week?” he yelled into the bathroom.

“Just call Michelle and set something up, honey,” she shouted back and got into the shower.

When later that same day Mazarine and Yukiko got together for dinner, Yukiko was very much interested in Mazarine’s earlier client meeting.  Yukiko had never given her any problems about this aspect of her life, but in the last month or so she had started to become more and more eager for details about what happened at these meetings.  She wanted to know names, but Mazarine had made it clear the first time she asked that although she didn’t mind talking about the clients and what they did together, she would never reveal any names or hints of who they were.  At first Yukiko had seemed to accept this.

Today, however, Yukiko was looking for another argument.

“If you really loved me,” she said with a surly pout on her pretty lips, “you would trust me and tell me who you saw today.”

“But we’ve been through this, sweetheart,” Mazarine said gently, trying to mollify her lover but worried that Yukiko was pulling the pin on another fragmentation grenade.  “You know I can’t tell you any names.  Anything else you want to know, just ask away.”

Yukiko shook her head and gave Mazarine a sullen look.  “You don’t trust me.”

“It’s a rule my employer insists on.”

They were sitting in the semi-darkness of an upscale supper bar, and Yukiko stirred the cherry in her Manhattan.  She dangled it in front of her, opened her lascivious mouth and, popping the cherry in, snapped it off with a loud click of her front teeth.  “That’s what I think about your trust in me and your employer.”

“You’re being unreasonable, Yukiko.  Why this sudden interest?”

“You are the unreasonable one,” she said tightly, chewing away.  “And my interest is long-standing.  You just never wanted to talk about it.”

Mazarine looked around the room, a feeling of frustration and helplessness welling up within her.  She could sense where this was heading.  Somehow, over the past few months, Yukiko had little by little wormed her way into Mazarine’s personal life and now, it seemed, she was launching an attack of the professional side.  It really wasn’t about who she was seeing but about control, control and micro-management of the details of Mazarine’s professional life.

Mazarine did not want a scene.  She did not want to upset Yukiko.  But she needed to assert some kind of personal jurisdiction over her own life.  She could not allow herself to be swallowed up in the gaping maw of Yukio’s insatiable needs.

“And you still don’t, do you?” Yukiko noted.

Yukiko stirred the swivel stick in her drink but did not glance at Mazarine.  She hefted it and looked around for a waitress, who shortly put a fresh drink in front of her.

“So, what did you and Mr. Anonymous do?”

Mazarine, relieved, proceeded to tell her.  “Nothing special.  He’s pretty much a straight arrow, not into anything kinky.  A blowjob and then a straight fuck.  Pretty much wham bam, ma’am.  You know.”

“Did you use protection?”


“Did you get off?”


“Have you seen this guy before?”


“How long?”

“Probably four, five years.”

“Has he ever gotten you off?”

“A few times, yes.”

“Do you like him?”

“He’s not a bad guy.  Yeah, I like him well enough.”

“More than me?”

“Oh, Yukiko,” she said, putting her hand on Yukiko’s forearm, “you know that’s not true.  I love you.  I don’t love this guy, or any of the others either.  It’s business, honey. Just business.”

“O.K.,” Yukiko, the perfect passive-aggressive, said meekly.  “If you say so.  I guess I have to believe you.”

“Do,” Mazarine encouraged, and gave Yukiko’s arm a squeeze.

After a while, Yukiko asked her point blank what sex with her client was like.  “Do you like sex better with me?”

“There is no comparison, sweetheart.  None whatsoever.”

“But you haven’t really answered my question, have you?  Better with me?  Or with him?”

“With you.  Of course it’s better with you.”

Yukiko smiled slyly.  “Do I get you off every time?”

“Every time, Lotus,” she giggled. “Lots of times.”

Yukiko giggled and touched her hand.  “Orchid,” she mouthed and smiled broadly.

The gesture melted Mazarine.


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