The French Election 2012

Sarkozy out, Hollande in – what does it mean?

Yes, Hollande in, Sarkozy out!  What indeed does the French election of last Sunday mean?

That is the question.

My brother, who has lived for many years in France and Sweden, from the latter country serendipitously [see gnomicon 058, following] emailed me his ‘opinion piece’ in answer to that question.  I append it below, with his permission.  You may not agree with it, or you may, but in either case it struck me as a sufficiently interesting item and I wanted to post it on my blog as written.

Enter Socialist Francois Hollande, an ominous name combo. This is a MAJOR set-back for France, for EU, perhaps for the world… at least the “Western” part, and thereby leaving the door open for China and the Far East.

Hollande will curtail austerity, including government reductions, by a new give-away program of benefits to the people that will be paid by debt. He’ll distance France from EU participation, particularly in the bail-out contributions to countries that falter further into economic chaos…. which will lead to social and political upheavals, AND rise of crime and growing pockets of vigilante law.

Norway and Switzerland astutely stayed out of EU. Britain, Sweden & Denmark at least stayed out of the EURO. Cameron has already indicated that Britain will not automatically support faltering EU members, which is a gradual move to withdraw from EU. With France holding back its support, and soon-to-follow withdrawal of Sweden and Denmark ( and ? Finland), it will leave Germany with the dregs of western Europe and a few eastern countries, which Germany cannot support unless it imposes political and economic control over them, stricter as time goes by, eventually policing its dominion with military controls.

Russia and former USSR countries will react!!

Deutchland Uber Alles … since Roman times it has tried to dominate Europe, and thrice “recently” thru war (1870s Franco-Prussian War, 1914-17 The Great War, 1939-45 WWII), and in 1980s via the Maastricht agreement, which Germany itself killed when it did not work FOR ITS OWN INTENDED ADVANTAGE!!!

The latest attempt to control Europe: the EU….. and how could so many countries (“politicians”) buy into it? … much less the EURO???

Economy in all Scandinavia is surprisingly thriving amidst the doom-slide in most of the rest of Europe, Netherlands and Great Britain excluded (though NL gov’t collapsed couple weeks ago). GB may finally take control of ALL of the isles as Ireland collapses since EU will have no funds (or interest) to bail out a country so “unincorporated” with EU. A Nordic-baltic trade alliance a la 70s is already afoot. A strange form of detente will develop between Northwestern European Operations (NEO) and the old floundering EU which will by then be renamed DU, or perhaps UD (Union auf Deutchland)…..

And the Americas? Will a new Monroe Doctrine (Truman Doctrine) emerge? Will NAFTA take new roots? Will USA bail out Europe? If mini-wars erupt will USA become the police force? Will USA (and other American countries) shift relations toward Asia? Australasia will surely be part of this line-up. In ten years all the pundits will be giving the reasons why this all happened…. a new world disaster.

And how about Africa and the Middle East? Africa will either return to tribal law OR become again colonized by UD or China to exploit whatever resources of benefit. Middle East will run out of oil and become again a sandy nothing, since there’ll be no reason for anyone to exploit a nothing.

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