“Everyone’s up for sale.”

 “This shows what a degenerate society we have become.
Everyone’s up for sale.

Come CleanThe Economist  16 June 2012 p.48 [my bold italics]

The statement above – reported to have been made by a member of Pakistan’s parliament in general reference to the allegedly murky financial entanglements with a “rags-to-riches businessman” on the part of the son of a prominent anti-corruption judge on the country’s Supreme Court — sounds so very familiar.

A recent posting of mine aside, if you’ve been with this blog a while, you’ll recall an earlier, sadly tedious verbal ostinato I now cannot help but dredge up about corruption in high political places in ancient Rome:  ‘At Rome every day there is a clearance sale’ (Romae omnia venalia esse).

In short, once more, one concludes about the sometimes perversely consistent species that we are that plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

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One Response to “Everyone’s up for sale.”

  1. Helga says:

    Agree totally with your sentiments! So, do you think this can never be improved? Is it the nature of the beast (the human) to always look out for himself to the detriment of everybody else?

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