Gnomicon 68

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Gnomicon  068
Monday 16 July 2012

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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde (16 Oct 1854 – 30 Nov 1900)

OK, I’ve already cited something by him — but he’s soooo good, isn’t he?

In an age where anybody who is somebody is a public relations confection purporting to be an ontologically validated entity it’s not easy to be ‘just’ oneself.

On come the masks!

That goes as much for the surgically and cosmetically refashioned exterior appearance as well as the imputed interior authenticity of the ‘real’ person parading, avatar-like, across the celebrity spreads and colonizing the columns.

And it goes not only for the famous-for-being-famous dwellers in the popular press and on the mushrooming reality-TV scene, but likewise for thee – and me – as well.

Behind all the expensive and complicit hype is there a lost and confused self somewhere in there straining to pupate?

Who am I – really, that is – who am I trying to be?

The great irony is no doubt that the very person(s) you want to be or be like are probably looking at others (maybe even you!) and regretting that “you” have already been taken.

What a thought that would be!

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2 Responses to Gnomicon 68

  1. julie601 says:

    See “Two Toasts to the Sabbath” on juliespeaks. Why would any parent wish his child to be anyone other than who he is? A certain rabbi was weeping and his disciples asked him why. He replied that he feared when he met the Creator he would be asked, not why were you not like Moses, but why were you not yourself. That pretty much says sit all, doesn’t it? Julie

  2. julie601 says:

    correction: The post referred to above at juliespeaks is “A Blessing On Your Head” – not Two Toasts to the Sabbath.

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