Gnomicon 70

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Gnomicon  070
Wednesday 18 July 2012

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“This ain’t fun. But you watch me, I’ll get it done.”
Jackie Robinson (31 Jan 1919 – 24 Oct 1972)

No whining or posturing here, but just a can-do attitude, a real sí, se puede mindset that puts itself into real action.  We are perhaps most familiar with its expression from the 2008 Obama campaign’s coöpting of this original UFW motto (when asked some years after winning the election what happened to sí, se puede the president remarked in what struck me as a sad copout that, yes, while the notion was still very much in effect, he just hadn’t ever said anything about when it would go into operational mode).

My sense is that Jackie Robinson had no such equivocating prevarications about what needed to get done and was in fact done.  He did it, and he changed not only baseball but, in his lesser but still significant way, antedated the work of Martin Luther King.

What appeals to me about the statement is not that it is black or white or any other color, but a universal call to arms in connection with the big as well as the small doings of one’s life – from showing up at work on time to caring for family, friends and fellow citizens: sí, se puede.

Not, to be sure, than any one of us is perfect in this endeavor, but it hardly hurts in the course of the day’s pleasant as well as less fun activities to keep those words in mind – and get the task done.

Can we do it?

¡Sí, se puede!

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One Response to Gnomicon 70

  1. julie601 says:

    I continue to be startled at how often this author writes, in much more eloquent language than I, of things I’ve written about. The Robinson comment called to mind my version of si, se puede in the form of a poem I wrote called “Life In Four Words.” The four words are “LOOK, LISTEN, CHOOSE and…
    No delays, no apologies,
    No procrastination.
    If you’ve looked, listened, and choose
    In your own best interest and that of others,
    Just do it.

    Keep it up Tiger. juliespeaks

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