Irae Causa

Irae Causa
Saturday 18 August 2012

Very briefly, given the imperfectability of our species, I note this example of an intense discomfort at the outrages done to people by people, institutions, governments.

It is an old story, a very old story.

In Western literature it begins with the way Agamemnon treated Chryses in the first book of the Iliad, and if we had some literary remnants of tales told around the campfires of Cro-Magnons and even earlier Neanderthals, we would surely find their versions of a Chryses and an Agamemnon, just as today we have our own unspeakable congeners.

Not inappropriately, then, an early post I made to this blog in April of 2011 concerned anger, ira, μῆνιν (mēnin): ‘On Anger’.

I mention this in passing connection with a piece I retroactively came upon as I was browsing a data base.  It showed up in The New York Times for Saturday 25 February 2012 pp. A1/A10: “Branding a Soldier With ‘Personality Disorder’”.

I suppose that with the medicalization and especially the psychiatrification of just about all human behavioral repertoires these days, what this article explores should hardly surprise.  Though enrage its content surely does!

Read it!

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