Gender … again!

I really should just give up, accept defeat, appreciate that the fall of some niceties of the English language into permanent desuetude are destined to continue – and to irritate me immensely.  For certain, it seems, my jeremiads in the matter are useless.

A very recent Times article (“Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Self-Proclaimed Messiah Who Built Religious Movement, Dies at 92”) features a comment about the reverend from the London School of Economics by one “Eileen V. Barker, a professor emeritus of sociology”.

Frankly, I truly doubt it!

Eileen a professor emeritus?

Why is it so hard?

Well, for all the good it won’t do, you can check the matter our here, in the opening paragraphs.

Shame on the Times – really, shame on all of you: writers, proof readers, editors, purported literates … all of you grammatically challenged word-smiths …

In this matter I am entitled to my opinion, or, if it makes you happy, language snobbery!

I am right, and you are wrong!

That’s just a fact, folks.

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