Gnomicon 135

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Gnomicon  135
Friday 21 September 2012

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People write negatives things, cause they feel that’s what sells.
Good news to them, doesn’t sell.
Michael Jackson (29 Aug 1958 – 25 Jun 2009)

I complain about a lot of things on these pages.

I complain about all the horrible news one reads in the press.

I complain about all the dreadful stuff around the world one sees on the tube.

I complain that no good news is ever reported.

I’ll be upbeat, optimistic, cheerful today.

Let’s see here then …

Hm …


Hm …

Could the King of Pop (no doubt referencing his own manhandling by the news) have been entirely right about the news?

No.  Here are a few.

I don’t need to recapitulate what you can read for yourself, and I start with this happy note about the hopeful growth of tourism waxing on the African continent, a place where otherwise so much bad news appears with such distressing regularity.  And what about Myanmar, so long a font of accounts of unending human misery – until we learned a few days ago in the Washington Post that “Myanmar’s Suu Kyi receives Congress’ highest honor, meets Obama on landmark US visit”?  Thursday’s Des Moines Register offers a heart-warming piece about a new life in that old den of death Afghanistan with “British soldier unexpectedly gives birth in Afghanistan”.

And, closer to home, what person who follows the news has not been reading the stories of massive teachers’ strikes in Chicago and the dreary downside thereof on the city’s children, and then a happy headline last Wednesday (19 September) in the Chicago Tribune proclaiming the good news that “Chicago students return to school after strike”?  And it’s hard to find a more uplifting tale than that of the “Amazing recovery for wounded Fremont cop” in yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle.  And TIME (20 Sep 2012) headlines that “Home Sales, Prices Rise: Is Housing Finally Ready to Lead a Recovery?

So, there you have good news from Africa, from Myanmar, from Afghanistan, about education, about healing, and about the housing market – which goes to show that, yes, there is good news out there — if you go looking for it.  But … and here’s the kicker:  is this calm(ing) news – truly? — as exciting, as thrilling, as compulsively readable as that news about murder, mayhem, meltdowns of one sort or another.

Which sells best?

Was The One on to something after all?

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