7.8% four weeks before the election?

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Just a thought that sprung to mind.

Maybe I’m being unfair … but 7.8% four weeks before the election?

Yes, government agencies reporting national data like unemployment rates are (supposed to be) beyond political influence.

And maybe they are (here), and then again maybe not.

Still and all, since the start of his presidency in early 2009, the unemployment rate has stubbornly stayed above 8%, and now, suddenly, miraculously, weeks before the election, dispassionate ‘proof’ by a government agency that the government’s dealings with our economic malaise are ‘working’ — and the implicational universal is no doubt that we should therefore give the president more time to finish the wonderful trajectory of his management of the economy.

True, sometimes it is what it is.

Also true, other times it is what it is not.

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