Gnomicon 160

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Gnomicon  160
Tuesday 16 October 2012
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We can put our head in the sand and continue
to lose jobs overseas and to other states, or we can say,
‘You know what? We are not going to lose another job from California,
and we’re going to be the very best place to start and grow a business.’
So I’ll be the chief sales officer for California businesses.
Meg Whitman
(4 Aug 1956 – )

This strouthocephalenpsammetic disavowal by the former CEO of eBay and failed candidate for the governorship of California applies not only to the once-burnished-but-now-tarnished Golden State but also to most states in the Union.  I admire her pluck, but the fact that she lost the election to Jerry Brown says a lot to me about what the people of California think they really want – and it’s apparently not a business climate friendly to job creation.

The slow implosion of California has been going on for some time now, most explicitly since early in the new millennium when Bush II, decisively defeated in the state in the 2000 presidential election, decisively told Governor Gray Davis (Dem) in Sacramento in so many words not to wait around for much help from Washington: “Sorry, guys, you’re on your own out there with your energy problems!”

In the last decade and a half it seems that every time you open a newspaper or go online for the latest happenings here and abroad, there … along with the usual suspects — Afghanistan, the housing debacle, international cyberattack imbroglios, the possibility of our free-spending nation’s looming bankruptcy, etc. etc. etc. — … there is the specter of California taking a header off Santa Barbara and plunging deep into the bottomless Pacific.  People have fled to Arizona and Nevada; Mexican illegals are moving in; businesses have been and are thinking about relocating to Colorado.

Since Jerry Brown took office in 2011 as governor of California he has a mixed record and not exactly been gently treated by everyone sounding off on his performance.  The question is not so much what Governor Moonbeam could or could have done as whether a currently dysfunctional political entity like the late great state of California is governable at all.  Is one to believe that Meg Whitman (Rep) could have done much better in trying to untangle the mess?  Did the Terminator (Rep)?

Again, I applaud Whitman’s pluck, but I don’t think she could have stopped the bleeding any more than Brown has.  Let’s face it, microcosm compared to macrocosm, what is happening in California now seems pretty much to be happening throughout America, and if the Obama administration with all its peculiar and particular forms of messiness is replaced by a new administration we shall simply have a Romney administration with all its particular and peculiar forms of messiness.

I truly wish I were not so cynical, but I accept that I am – and I fervently hope that I am wrong on this one and that this cynicism of mine is entirely misplaced.

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