Gnomicon 171

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Gnomicon  171
Tuesday 30 October 2012
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I wouldn’t mind paying taxes – if I knew they were going to a friendly country.
Dick Gregory (12 Oct 1932 – )

This well-known comedian and activist hits it right on the head here. His comment conjures up my simmering discontent (to deploy a polite lexicon) about the massive sums that we have poured into world bribery (of course, we call it ‘foreign aid’ – but it’s actually the endless raid by foreigners on our taxes — facilitated by American politicians).

It was a great idea after WWII and did help to rebuild Western Europe and Japan, but in the half-century-plus since then the whole notion along with its reality have undergone a series of bizarre metamorphoses – that are still going full blast.

What is wasted in just Africa alone you can read about right here.

Of course, it’s not so much other countries we waste our money on as on the kleptocratic criminals and thugs with their gangs who ‘govern’ these countries.  When you look at the staggering amounts of my and your money ‘our’ government lavishes all around the globe, one simply has to be utterly outraged.  Then add to this outrage the outrage that the money we give away is money we now have to borrow from China and elsewhere!  Consider the money that we gave just to Egypt – that steady and stalwart friend and ally of America – in 2010 ($1,550,000,000 [that’s over one and a half billion dollars!]: how many competent teachers could that have hired in Harlem, in Grosse Point, in Watts, in Glencoe, in …? how many nutritious meals could that have bought for hungry children in Harlem, in Grosse Point, in Watts, in Glencoe, in …?

Instead, that money now lies in secret bank accounts in the Caymans and Nauru, is invested in apartments in Paris’ exclusive seizième arrondissement, and (I would guess but do not know) probably sniffs out all kinds of interesting ventures for investment in this and that here and there.  How much actually finds its functional way to the rural poor eking out a wretched existence in the Nile Delta or to Kuchi nomads in Afghanistan is no doubt a figure harder to reach than the remote peaks of the Hindu Kush.

The massive, opaque and systematic bribery schemes (cf. here) in which the American government’s foreign policy establishment enthusiastically participates were, intriguingly – and understandably — enough, not something about which really all that much was said by either Obama or Romney in that kabuki theater that was the ‘gotcha debates’ those of us masochistic enough to do so endured watching almost to the end Monday night a week ago yesterday (22 October 2012).  I mean, what possible credible comforting truth could have been advanced about this eternal scandal in the hope of allaying the American people’s ire over the endless gush-gush-gush of their hard-earned tax dollars down all these endless swamp holes of ‘foreign bribery … oops, aid’?

And those were the debates that were supposed to bring us some kind clarification about what Obama’s foreign policy is today and tomorrow what Romney’s would be.

Fat chance on that one!

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2 Responses to Gnomicon 171

  1. Al Cram says:

    I agree 100%! Most of it goes to corrupt officials in the countries receiving aid, and the money we waste on the UN is likewise mostly bribe money. If it bought an ounce of genuine gratitude one might somehow sanction a little of it, but we have very very few friends in most of the third world where the money is supposed to provide a better life for the poor inhabitants. Stop the bleeding now. Spend it here on better education and health care for those without financial resources.

  2. laohutiger says:

    Very much appreciate the comments … with which one can only agree in the affirmative!

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