Gnomicon 175

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Gnomicon  175
Saturday 3 November 2012
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I think JR would make a better President than the one we have now.
Larry Hagman (1 Oct 1931 –  )

Talk about guilty pleasures!

Friday nights my wife and I would go out to a good dinner (not a MacDonald’s or Pizza Hut) at a good restaurant where we could hear each other talk (like, in this area, a ‘Linn Street Café’ or an ‘Orchard Green’), then come back and spend the rest of Friday evening and Saturday morning till about four or five AM watching  some TV serial (like a 24 … a Dallas … a One Tree Hill or whatever mutually pleased) and intermittently chatting about it, then sleep till noon or one and go out for breakfast!

We absolutely loved Dallas and bought all the CDs (I guess it was tapes at first) to watch the entire series in the late nineties post-retirement during our usual weekend TV marathons.

I don’t know which president JR was talking about here, but since Dallas ran from 1978 to 1991, take your pick: Carter, Reagan, Bush I – and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever which of the three was in his mind!  The question is — appropriately so, it seems to me, in these last few fevered days of relentless and deeply ironic telephonic intrusiveness by both government-off-your-back and promising-you-the-sun-and-the-moon parties – is JR’s observation still valid?


On your views.

On what you think you want from ‘da man’.

On what he’s been able to persuade you he’s gonna do or not do for ya’.

Now, JR wasn’t exactly the nicest guy downing bourbon and branch at the Dallas Cattleman’s Club, but he certainly was the son of Jock Ewing:  he could get things done, whatever needed getting done.  So, while the political fantasies swirling about in my head might now and then drift in the direction of a can-do autocrat like JR, I somehow suspect he wouldn’t do much better as president than either the recent one from Houston or the current one from Chicago.

Where, alas, have the Trumans and Eisenhowers gone?

Well, all the same, I guess we’ll get some news on Tuesday, and I hope it isn’t Florida 2000 redux!

In any event, thanks for coming along for this nostalgic little walk down memory lane with us.

[For 兔子 (tù zi) aka Shu:  thanx for all those Friday evenings, 爱人 … and all the others, too, always!]

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