Gnomicon 179

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Gnomicon  179
Wednesday 7 November 2012
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I certainly admire people who do things.
Raymond Chandler (23 July 1888 – 26 March 1959)

It is what it is.

And in days to come we shall see.

Today — the day after — the unsentimental Dow dropped 312.95 points.

For the record, that is by far its biggest loss since 9 November last year — 2.4%.

Very well, despite yesterday’s thinking, today it won’t exactly be “my lepidopteran fascinations or film noir or Homeric similes or something else equally worthwhile”.  Just one last word (maybe) on the campaign that was:  congratulations to the winner, President Obama.  My fervent wish for him is exactly what it would have been for Romney: now kindly do something, something positive, and stop talking, talking negatives – walk like you talk, sir!

As did Chandler, that great author of the noir novel, I admire people like that.

We all (not least moi) talk a lot and often about everything we are going to do but don’t so often actually follow through on out brave words and actually do something. In the safety of our minds we all too easily become heroes.

I often wonder why this is.  I mean, it isn’t even a matter of wanting to boast, because more often than not – at least in my own case – the talking about what I am going to do involves a private conversation with myself alone, and I am beholden to no one to execute in order to maintain face.  Am I lying to myself, then, when I spin out these scenarios of efficacy? or am I compensating for some sense of powerlessness over the enveloping forces among which I must live my quotidian life such as it is?  Or am I merely entertaining myself by shaping starring rôles in personal productions?

One form of the genre is what I think of as the ‘what-if’ creations.  Run some recaps of past realities in your life where you did such and such and where you took this turn in the road or that one … and for me it is a slick slide into the ‘possibles’ of differing outcomes in my life that might have been but of course never were.  That can be amusing at times but also depressing, and a kind of solipsistic  self-absorption that, in the end, doesn’t really lead anywhere.  But it is soooo much easier than actually being one of those people who do do things and thus merit the admiration of – most significantly – myself.

So why don’t I just ‘do it’?  Why don’t so many of us?

Well, let me analogize with current events.  I assure myself that now that I, unaccountable to future elections, have been voted into office with all the powers and capabilities thereby implied I do have the breathing room to move things out of the talking stage and translate all those ‘going-to-do-s’ into the language of concrete action.

Let’s see what I do with my opportunities.

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