Obiter Dictum: Outis

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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Obiter Dictum: Outis
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Outis, an intergalactic extraterrestrial roaming the vastnesses of the cosmos, is on a quest for potentially habitable loci to which her own crowded home planet (which lies even beyond that remote, distant quadrant known as ψ-Cerberus) may export its redundants.  Today she – easily morphed into a visible instantiation that will prove convincingly comprehensible to this cacophonous vivarium that its denizens call Earth – has landed in front of the John Hancock Center in downtown Chicago. Being, like all other educated telepaths of her tribe, a fluent reader of English, she has just gathered from a tachyscan of something called the national edition printed in Chicago of The New York Times nestled on a rack that “Retailers Track Employee Thefts In Vast Databases” and that “Lawmakers [are] Tied To Bribery Plot In Mayoral Race” and that “Crucible of Change [is] in Memphis as State Takes On Failing Schools”.
The teachers don’t teach.
The lawmakers are lawbreakers.
The employees rob the employers.
And that’s just what on this planet is called the front page!
Outis’ report is rayed across the chill parsecs in nano-seconds:
“Current stop uninhabitable – translating to ω-Omphalos quadrant.”

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