A while back I had a pretty nice web site.  Circumstances compelled its dismantling, but I still have things to say and write about:  hence the BLOG.

You will find on this blog that I call LAOHUTIGER whatever piques my interest: general ad hoc comments about this and that, film reviews, talk about language and literature, my takes on art, little essays on the intersections between ancient Greek and Latin literature and culture on the one hand and modernity on the other.  Both these languages may well be ‘dead’ but, in my view, are remarkably alive and (to use an odious but nonetheless useful word) relevant to us today.  I hope you will come to agree with me that on many topics those writers of millennia ago — for being dead — still speak with a lively eloquence to our own concerns.

The Chinese  for ‘tiger’ is LAOHU in Mandarin —

hence the blog title LAOHUTIGER and logo:


I welcome comments about my material, and ask only that you be polite and literate:  no ad hominem screeds.  Whether you agree or disagree is not the issue, and if the latter is the case please make your argument calmly and coherently.  Depending on volume of comments I receive (at laohu@mchsi.com), I will try to answer all email that is not ugly.

3 Responses to About

  1. bookmarkbuzz says:

    T promise to be polite and will attempt to be literate.

  2. Marie says:

    Great work

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